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JOAN Share Anthemic New Single ‘love me better’

The Arkansas duo delivers a dance floor-worthy bop, love me better.

joan 2020

Bringing joy and sunshine into these dark days, joan aka Alan Benjamin Thomas and Steven Rutherford dazzle with a delightful slice of alt pop finest as they release their brand new single love me better. The track is their first release with Photo Finish Records.

Tackling the theme of being in a toxic relationship, the duo champions the notion of self-worth through a hook-laden blend of cinematic synths, groovy beats, and warm vocals. “I love you, but / Right now, you suck”, the track flourishes with lyrical twists galore, adding a bittersweet tone to the irresistible tune. With a tasty R&B flavour and retro vibes, it won’t take long before joan take over your summer playlists.