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DREAM WIFE Say ‘Hasta La Vista’ on New Single

Borrowing a similar rhythm as Heart’s Barracuda, Dream Wife’s latest single Hasta La Vista is an addicting pop anthem reminiscent of a BBQ in the park on a warm, sunny day.

Dream Wife 2020

In anticipation of their new record So When You Gonna…Dream Wife’s latest single is a positively fun summer track. The quirky indie vocals stand out against the heartbeat-like pulsing of guitars and drums reeling you in from the first beat. Because of the catchy chorus and instrumentation, Hasta La Vista makes for a good strutting song. You’ll be skipping down the pavement humming “Saying hasta la vista baby” when this one comes on shuffle. Further, by clipping together the trio’s adorable childhood footage from the 90s, the video lends an alternative meaning to Hasta La Vista. What was born out of the changes in relationships due to touring becomes an homage to the past and growing up. It helps to bring further cheer to an already sunny song.

Regarding the video, Dream Wife said:

Hasta is one of the first songs we wrote after we completed our touring cycle for our debut album. We’d played over 200 shows in 18 months and had returned to London to discover that things around us had changed and so had we. Close relationships fell apart and others came together. This song is about accepting and embracing that change and being thankful to what that was and what it is today.

Dream Wife’s new album So When You Gonna… is due out July 3rd via Lucky Number and new tour dates will be announced soon.