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GUS DAPPERTON Shares New Single ‘First Aid’

The dreamy, sophisticated indie songwriter, Gus Dapperton releases new single First Aid, taken from his forthcoming new album due for release later this year.

Gus Dapperton 2020

Discussing the guilt that abides with a depressive mental state, the apologetic track is filled with silent guitar chords and mumbled apologies, “sorry about my head”.

First Aid masks itself in complexity with Gus Dapperton’s intimate vocals, the harmonious voice of his sister Amadelle, private percussion, and soft undertones before it falls into an apotheosis of repeated pain. Gus’ evolved style as a mastered songsmith illuminates the album’s motif: a familiar contrast between pain and suffering versus healing and ease. “In the past, I’ve written my songs from a place of love and heartbreak. This album is about internal pain and suffering”, he stated.

First recognized for diving deep into the subconscious, the 23-year old artist is now bringing forth his most intimate experiences. From self-released songs straight from his bedroom, Prune, You Talk Funny and I’m Just Snacking, to the whimsical 2018 Where Polly People Go To Read, to the dramatic World Class Cinema and more recent mind-bending releases, My Favorite Fish and Fill Me Up Anthem, Gus Dapperton exposes the duality of human sensitivity and emotional rawness for all of us to reflect on.