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VEIL OF MAYA Release New Track ‘Outsider’

Angelic and demonic voices discuss internal turmoil and world war in the fearless and attention grabbing new tune Outsider.

Veil Of Maya 2020

Starting off in full force, Veil Of Maya don’t waste any time and dive right into the deep end of self-loathe, swift breakdown and wrecking hopelessness with heavy drums and war-inciting guitar riffs. However, the lonely Outsider is not scared and disheartened, but quite the opposite as he’s aiming to become the saviour of his kind, a triumphant and fearless hero of the apocalypse. As he’s preparing for holy battle, the song’s pace and vibe changes, as Lukas Magyar’s voice becomes temporarily softer and more musical, only to turn the song into an inspiring anthem. The entire song is beautifully crafted and thoroughly thought through but if there’s anything that particularly stands out is Lukas’ amazingly versatile voice, transitioning seamlessly between forceful screamo and light melodic vocals and in doing so, adding a new dimension to both the song itself, the emotions it reveals and the message it conveys.