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FULL COLOUR Release Debut Single ‘Times Change’

Get ready to be blown away by Times Change, the debut single from the UK’s indie rockers Full Colour.

Full Colour 2020

Following their UK support tour in March of this year with Love Fame Tragedy, Full Colour have offered a rock-blasting, ultimate indie anthem, Times Change.

Packed full of passion and intensity, Times Change soars high with its immense soundscape. The crushing drums effortlessly blend with electrifying guitars and stirring vocals, fuelled by the fervour and thrill of the young band. Touching upon the theme of leaving the past behind, the sense of determination and sentimentality is truly palpable. With a nostalgic tinge and lyrical depth to the track, Times Change is a truly strong debut from one of the most promising new acts on the UK indie scene.

Speaking about the track, frontman Conrad Berriff explains:

This song is basically all about moving away from home and wondering whether certain people will miss you and how you’ll cope without them. It was recorded in London which is quite fitting considering lyrically it’s set there. The song took on quite a few forms before we eventually found the right one that stuck.