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KID KAPICHI Release New Single ‘Household Shame’

The cheeky and joyful Household Shame gives young love a brazen new soundtrack that will stick to you for a long time, just as the feeling often does. 

Kid Kapichi 2020

When’s the last time you felt madly and genuinely in love? Do you remember how it felt? Kid Kapichi‘s new tune Household Shame might just be the reminder you needed and even the push you were missing to go and look for someone to spark this feeling in your chilled heart. Whatever thoughts this song might trigger in your head, it’s surely going to brighten your day and give rise to a cheeky smile on your face. The lyrics video is also pretty cute and simple yet perfectly timed if you feel like singing along after the first chorus… which is very likely to happen as the overall sound is not complicated and surprisingly catchy.

Speaking on the new song, guitarist and vocalist Jack Wilson shares:

‘Household Shame’ is a sleazy love song. A temporary departure from Kapichi’s usual antagonistic tongue in cheek slurs on current affairs. It’s a song about being young, dumb and in love. Referencing space and time as you sit around, getting high in your own world with the one you love. Friends and family start asking questions but you couldn’t care less.