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ZIG MENTALITY Share Massive New Track ‘If You Ever’

You’re seriously mistaken if you think Zig Mentality will feel sorry for your houses of cards crumbling down. 

Zig Mentality 2020

With loud drums and raspy vocals as their main weapons, Zig Mentality cut through the smoke and mirrors of modern society’s manufactured image of perfection and reveal a disappointing truth: shallow characters, whose greatness is based entirely on tricked perception, will eventually shatter and nothing worth caring about will be left behind… or at least not for this Canadian band who refuse to feel sympathy or pity for broken illusions. Clear headed and almost cold hearted, the band took a straight shooter approach and wrote honest and unswerving lyrics to declare their stand of upholding higher moral values, despite what the rest of us choose to do. This message, this attitude, together with a different sound favouring drums as its leading instrument instead of the consecrated guitar, makes If You Ever a tune that stands out from today’s punk offerings and Zig Mentality a band worth keeping an eye on. Having recently released their first and yet promising EP, The Sesh, it’s exciting to see what the future holds for them.