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BROADSIDE Share Video for New Single ‘Heavenly’

Broadside’s new song Heavenly gives love an uplifting and long-overdue pop punk soundtrack.

Broadside 2020

What a better way to brighten up your day than with a happy song in the Broadside‘s signature pop punk sound? Backed by a candid video alternating ‘past’ with present, lively with ethereal clips, the song comes as a heartfelt, sincere and ecstatic love confession and surprises two key aspects of this feeling we all long for and remember fondly: its timelessness and its vitality. The tune just overflows with bubbly, positive and daydreaming-like vibes as it unapologetically and fully lets itself revel in precious, innocent memories and sincere wishes for not only a happy ending, but an unendingly joyful life together with the loved one.

Speaking of Heavenly, vocalist Ollie Baxxter shares:

‘Heavenly’ is just a cute song. Sonically, it’s rooted in our old sound…the one that got us to the place where we are today. It’s a love song and an ode to our first single ‘Coffee Talk.’ Underneath the ‘big picture’ I try and paint into my lyrics, I’m still just a romantic to the core.

Broadside will release their new album, Into The Raging Sea, on July 24th via SharpTone Records.