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DECAY Share New Single ‘Staring At The Sun’

Decay let themselves be drawn into a deep contemplative state during their new tune Staring At The Sun.

Decay 2020

Liverpool post-hardcore rising stars Decay took a different approach to overcoming their writer’s block and to introspection by using the lack of inspiration as… inspiration. The steady drums, tranquil yet energetic guitars and carefree vocals are backed by a simple yet symbolic video, which concentrates the focus on the ‘artist’ who’s seemingly restless as its way has seemingly reached an end. The title track Staring At The Sun is an unexpectedly calming song with simple and relatable lyrics that shed some light on one vital yet occasionally uncomfortable aspect of the creative process: finding something new to talk about.

Commenting on the single, vocalist Danny Reposar explains:

The single was the first song we wrote after finishing our first EP Modern Conversation (2019). As often happens in this scenario, we’d hit what we thought was a creative block, but forced ourselves to push through, and draw in inspiration from unusual angles – in this case from nature.

The single is lifted from the band’s forthcoming debut album Staring At The Sun, which is set for release on July 10th.