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THOUSAND BELOW Share New Video for ‘171 xo’

Having given voice to the frustration behind lingering and hope feelings, Thousand Below return to give them a visual representation too.

Thousand Below 2020

Post-hardcore Thousand Below give 171 xo a second chance to shine by bringing it to the music scene’s forefront together with a befitting video which skillfully alternates saturated and negative coloured images with soft black and whites to surprise the bittersweet, confusing resurrection of lingering feelings. The track is taken from the band’s second album Gone In Your Wake, out now via Rise Records.

Speaking of the song,  singer James Deberg explains:

‘171 xo’ has been a personal favorite of ours since we finished recording ‘Gone In Your Wake’ and it has grown into one of our favorite songs to play live. This song is about the stage in a relationship that sometimes happens after you split up — where it seems things have finally ended once and for all, but you still occasionally see one another. It’s about the hopeless phase of denial that this stage ultimately becomes in which other people have come in between you and the person you love, but you both still have feelings you are trying to suppress from one another. I wanted to capture the frustration of having someone surface back into your life as only a fraction of the part of your world they used to be, and the frustration that comes from someone you love only making you a priority when other people in their life have hurt them and they wish to feel something safe again.