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FIT FOR A KING Announce New Album ‘The Path’

New metal resistance anthems Breaking The Mirror and God Of Fire mark the beginning of a new era for Fit For A King and we couldn’t be more excited.

Fit For A King 2020

Metalcore heavyweights Fit For A King have announced their new album The Path will be released on September 18th via Solid State Records and offered a first glimpse into a new era with memorable bangers.

Unleashing the overpowering and empowering force of metalcore, the band’s new riot instigating banger Breaking The Mirror refuses to bend the knee any longer and encourages you to free yourself from the shackles of fear and suffering. Refusing to entertain any longer the illusion of hopelessness and doomed fate, this new resistance-anthem is going to pick you up and fire up your fighting spirit, giving you the push you needed to stand up and stay up.

Looking beyond the thick layer of smoke and mirrors, God Of Fire sets out to reveal the true nature of the modern religious teachings. Denying the good intentions behind the church’s preaching on ‘modern’ faith practices, Fit For A King take a cold-hearted look at the religious teachings and bring to the forefront their real impact which has in fact nothing to do with the salvation and redemption of the believers but instead is designed to benefit the church. The static sound infused electronic intro builds up into a fierce, aggressive and rioting tune defined by its deep screamo vocals and war-ready guitar riffs, which shows the band’s attitude towards the theme and clarifies their sonic and lyrical direction for their forthcoming sixth album The Path.

Speaking of the track, frontman Ryan Kirby shares:

‘God of Fire’ is a song about religious leaders who instead preach a message of love, use the fear of hell and condemnation to advance their own personal morality or translations of scripture. They essentially turn a God of love and mercy, into a God of fire.

Detailing their forthcoming album, Ryan adds:

In the past, we have dove into some pretty dark areas of life, with Dark Skies being the pinnacle of hopelessness. With ‘The Path’ we find our way out, and claim victory over the demons we have faced and are currently facing. This album is made to be the soundtrack for your victory over what mentally, and physically holds us back.

Fit For A King The Path 2020


  1. The Face Of Hate
  2. Breaking The Mirror
  3. Annihilation
  4. The Path
  5. Prophet
  6. Locked (In My Head)
  7. God Of Fire
  8. Stockholm
  9. Louder Voice
  10. Vendetta