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Album Review // BROADSIDE ‘Into The Raging Sea’

Uplifting, electrifying and liberating, Broadside’s new album Into The Raging Sea will catapult you straight onto cloud nine.


Broadside Into The Raging Sea 2020

Mood-boosting at its finest, Into The Raging Sea is not only an exemplary embodiment of the alternative rock genre, but above all the long-overdue bundle of romantic, energising and frown-dissolving tunes that this summer needed.

That being said, the album does start on a pretty low note, with the melancholic, introspective and though-provoking The Raging Sea. However the song’s mood shifts halfway through, as hope starts to sip through and slowly take over the narrative, ending on a fairly positive and aspiring note. Foolish Believer picks up on the hopeful vibe and amplifies the happiness with energising guitar riffs and empowering drums, topped by high and uplifting vocals. Refusing to let anyone’s negativity ruin the mood, Overdramatic takes a lighter and accepting view on one’s stubbornness and unending struggles, aiming to lift the spirits by hinting towards a happy ending.

Leaving behind for good any hint of negativity, Nights Alone shifts the perspective from other people’s narratives and focuses on the internal desires, portraying a dream-like date night story that continues even beyond the sunrise, celebrating the most innocent and romantic kind of love: the one that feels like a rollercoaster and a calm sea at the same time. Of course one song is not enough to catch all the dimensions of this noble emotion, so Heavenly rightfully follows as a heartfelt, sincere and ecstatic love confession and surprises two key aspects of this sought-after feeling: its timelessness and its vitality. The tune just overflows with bubbly, positive and daydreaming-like vibes as it unapologetically and fully lets itself revel in precious, innocent memories and sincere wishes for not only a happy ending, but an unendingly joyful life together with the loved one.

After hitting the absolute heights of ecstasy, a rather steep fall follows, with Clarity resetting the vibe and coming as a break, a well-deserved time for introspection and consequently time for answering questions and dismissing any doubts or concerns. However this episode does not last long, with Dancing On The Ceiling (With You) picking up the gears once again and diving head first into… love, reminiscing the pure and refreshing moments spent with the loved one. Breathe Into You comes as a straightforward love confession, admittedly potentially overwhelming, that explodes with positivity and hopefulness, hardly managing to contain itself from overflowing. Burning At Both Ends wraps up the album and comes as a deeply saddening song, mourning the death of an important friend and aiming to provide closure.

Overall, the album is an ode to love, a hopeful confession of a hopeless romantic, who decided to revel and enjoy to the fullest the happiness that comes with being together with a loved one. Carefully sprinkled with subtle electronic elements, the liberated and liberating vocals supported by the high-energy, alert guitar riffs and uplifting drums create an unapologetically sweet, frankly pure and highly enjoyable album with many memorable hooks and choruses with high chances of echoing throughout the rest of the summer.