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KEEMOSABE Drop Video for ‘Out Of The City Pt. 2’

If high speed chases, heists and a plot twist is your jam then look no further than the latest clip from Keemosabe titled Out Of The City Pt. 2. What more would you want?

Keemosabe press 2020

The Italian trio Keemosabe are getting ready to release their debut album, Look Closer, set to drop on October 23rd, and if their new clip has anything to answer for, it’s going to be huge. The previous video for Out Of The City Pt.1 nabbed “Best Music Video” at the Roma Video Awards in 2019 so you know these guys have the goods. The visuals for Out Of The City Pt. 2 capture the drive of the song perfectly and only amplify the catchy elements, turning them into a compelling and humorous narrative. It is playful and looks like it would have been a whole lot of fun to make. This energy feels fresh and is just what we need in 2020. Hopefully they continue on this pursuit.

Speaking on the new release, the band explains:

The theme of evasion from the city undoubtedly reflects the life experiences for us as a band. We spent several years living between New York City and London before deciding to pack it all in and return to Italy, living in a small studio in the middle of the remote woods of Lake Maggiore. It was a meditative experience and it cleared our heads and allowed us to create music and to live communally away from the hustle and bustle of city living.