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Monthly Archives: September 2020

Jackii Kennedy 2020

JACKII KENNEDY Drops New Track ‘The Zone’

Inspired by indie and RnB, Jackii Kennedy has shared new single The Zone which serves as her third single this year.  Florida Keys-born Jackii Kennedy has treated fans to a new single titled The Zone, featuring more indie style beats that uplift the track giving

Cinde 2020

CINDË Releases New Single ‘Running Yellows’

With smooth jazz vocals instantly reminiscent of Amy Winehouse, Cindë shares incredible new pop single Running Yellows.  The soft and soulful vocals that appear on Running Yellows are provided by Toronto outfit Cindë and recalls the awareness of existing in a special moment before it

King No-One 2020

KING NO-ONE Share New Single ‘Get You Right’

Electric indie-pop trio King No-One return with new single Get You Right that’s bursting with life.  King No-One have enjoyed real success over the last seven years and their new single continues to grab attention, breaking the northern stereotype and leading upbeat and hopeful songs

Anna Bea 2020

ANNA BEA Releases New Single ‘Cold’

Anna Bea’s sultry warmth is sure to chase away the autumn chill.    With each song that Anna Bea puts out you can hear her confidence as a musician growing. This confidence is more present and noticeable than ever with her latest single, Cold. Defiant chords

JADN 2020

JADN Release New Single ‘All For Nothing’

JADN question one’s reality with their electro-pop banger All For Nothing. In their first effort of 2020, JADN juxtapose bittersweet melancholia of adolescence with infectious hooks, creating a song tailored for both dance floors and crying out loud alone in your bedroom. Drawing upon 80s-inspired