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STANDING LIKE STATUES Unveil New Single ‘Skylines’

Standing Like Statues are ramping up to unveil a new four-track EP with lead single Skylines.

Standing Like Statues 2020

Echoing the zealousness of Mayday Parade in their peak, the song draws listeners in with warm and melodic guitar harmonies, pummeling percussion and strapping vocals before breaking into its powerfully emotive chorus.

While the riffs and chugs are catchy no doubt, it’s the energy and heart that vocalist Jamie Wiltshire packs into each word that truly elevates Skylines from being just another pop-punk single, to a full blown anthem.

An anthem that will accompany you from screaming alone in your room to late night drives through the city, offering comfort during each and every moment.

In regards to the track, Standing Like Statues had this to say:

[The song] is a story about feeling internally claustrophobic. Imagine forever apologising to someone you love for things that you can’t control. To fear losing people if you be yourself. That underlying anxiety that eats at you and makes you question and then over-rationalise things. It’s a cry for help, with an answer. We want to be there for the people that connect with this track, like this song helped us be there for each other.