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WHILE SHE SLEEPS Announce ‘Sleeps Society’

Backed by a revolutionary idea of supporting bands and the music industry, While She Sleeps’ Sleeps Society is more than a song: it’s a movement.

While She Sleeps 2020

Starting with a futuristic movie worthy intro, Sleeps Society turns up the energy gradually before the explosive vocals kick in and overwhelm the room. While this song sheds the musicality we got used to in their last album SO WHAT? in favour of more alert and aggressive interludes, it is still rooted in the trademark While She Sleeps sound that makes their every tune instantly recognizable and also an undeniable head banger. With mechanic voices and electronic elements sprinkled throughout the song and a powerful message bursting through the assertive vocals, a new WSS era starts to take shape, one oriented on creating a progressive, independent and novel future for the band and the rest of the music industry. With such a powerful and statement title track, we can only restlessly wait to see what else the band and their newest album have in store for us.

The founding of the Sleeps Society coincides with the announcement of the Sheffield metal band’s fifth album which will bear the same name Sleeps Society and is set for release on April 16th.

Speaking on the new project, the band shares:

After 14 years as a band & in the ever-changing climate that is the music industry, we are embarking on a new chapter of our life as While She Sleeps.

Our goal is to create a sustainable model for artists & creatives, to break from the traditional industry mold by building and developing a true interdependence between the band & fans.

With the future of live performances uncertain, the Sleeps Society will enable a secure existence for WSS and gives us the opportunity to stay connected with our fanbase, developing new ways to provide for our supporters and fill the void left without live music. In these uncertain times, this is the difference between life & death for the future of WSS. We aren’t prepared to be another band forced to give up simply because the system isn’t designed to support the artist.

The idea behind the society was created after over a decade’s experience of this rollercoaster ride that is  the music industry. Having overcom­e mountains of hardship & financial debt, it feels important to share what we’ve learned along the way with those who are drawn to a similar path as ours. This model will provide a new route for upcoming artists and bands similar to us, using our knowledge and guidance to help achieve a realistic career in the cre­ative industries.

The society will ask a membership fee, ranging in different tiers of support. These contributions directly fund the creation and survival of WSS. The cost will be repaid to the fans with a plethora of informative, exciting & engaging videos, as well as special events to get involved with and many exclusives to members. We’ll be sharing full album guitar & drum play-throughs, a tutorial series for songwrit­ing, studio production, vocal techniques, art & branding, self-management, videography & much more. There’ll be an in-depth look into making the forthcoming album & live streamed studio sessions where members can help make deci­sions in the writing stages of songs. Members will get early access to tour tickets, exclusive merchandise, warehouse meet-ups, events & secret ‘members only’ shows. And that’s just scratching the surface of what we’ll be offering members through the Society.

Our aim is to deliver a ‘too good to be true’ level of rewards for the prices we are asking our supporters to pay, using our individual skills to develop and create entertaining and informative videos, tutorials, ideas and more for our members. This is us sharing our knowledge and experience in the hope that other artists can take this model and use it for their own.

With the monthly support of our fans, the band will be able to break free from the traditional music industry method of ‘cash advances’, where artists are essentially borrowing large sums of money and giving up the  rights to their songs, only to spend the years that follow in debt which oftentimes becomes insurmountable and crippling.

The Sleeps Society ensures a solid future for WSS & creates a new model of survival for artists and bands alike. We will be delivering the highest level of fan involvement and fostering a symbiotic relationship as the Sleeps Society becomes an integral part of Sleeps’ existence.