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JEZ_EBEL Reveals Visuals for New Single ‘In Her Eyes’

Bedroom pop riser JEZ_EBEL celebrates companionship in her new video for In Her Eyes.


Reflecting on her past turbulent relationship, JEZ_EBEL soothes our souls with her tender new single, In Her Eyes. Full of youthful charm and affection, the new track shines with lush melodies and JEZ_EBEL’s gentle croon gliding over a chilled beat and fluttering synths. To accompany the song, JEZ_EBEL has shared her first ever music video, offering a glimpse into love and friendship by illustrating a deep and intimate connection between two people instead of the romantic side of relationships.

Speaking on the video/track, JEZ_EBEL explains:

‘In Her Eyes’ is a song about a really turbulent relationship I had. In the song I talk about how it is hard loving someone who wont let you completely in. When we hurt, we can sometimes be hard to pity, because of our anger. What we don’t always remember though, is that anger often means hurt. But what do you do when the person you love keeps pushing you away?

Also, guess what? This is my first music video ever! I wanted the music video to show a queer romance between two girls. Its about all the beautiful moments of love and friendship. I really wanted to put the emphasis on friendship, because I often feel as though we over sensationalise the romantic aspect of relationships, when in reality the most important aspect is camaraderie. The music video basically an homage to my friendship with Vera (the love interest in the video). What you see on the screen, is who we are. That is how we act, and how we love. Herman, our video photographer, was mostly asked to just follow us around for a couple of days to capture us in action. I wanted a true manifestation of our friendship, and for our love to be immortalised for ever. Whenever I look at the video, I see truth. And that makes me very happy!