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Monthly Archives: January 2021

Jasmin Fairhall 2021

JASMIN FAIRHALL Shares Debut Single ‘isn’t me.’

Jasmin Fairhall makes her debut with the hauntingly beautiful single isn’t me. isn’t me. is the first offering from 19-year-old singer-songwriter Jasmin Fairhall. Crafted during lockdown, the new track is a shimmering amalgamation of sounds and textures. Exploring the indie-pop sonic territory with an alt-rock

Baby Strange 2021

BABY STRANGE Announce New EP ‘Land Of Nothing’

Scottish indie rockers Baby Strange return with the captivating dancefloor anthem Club Sabbath in anticipation of their upcoming EP Land Of Nothing. Employing a vintage sound uplifted by an intoxicating energy, Club Sabbath will resurrect the memories of a good club night or concert that

Kynsy 2021

Artist Of The Week // KYNSY

Delve into the world of make-believe with Kynsy’s debut EP, as she explores our pursuit of Things That Don’t Exist. Our fascination with chasing after non-existent ideals and pursuing abstract concepts is nothing novel but they seem to have reached a new height in the

Andreww 2021

ANDREWW Shares New Single ‘Medusa’

From fashion to music, emerging artist Andreww has unleashed his latest genre-defying track Medusa. Teetering between indie and hip-hop with grunge gradation, Medusa blends together 808-beats, neon synths and sultry vocals to create a contrasting soundscape that is appealing to fans of a variety of

Coach Party 2020

In The Spotlight // COACH PARTY

Following the release of our ‘Ones To Watch’ list for 2021, ‘In The Spotlight’ offers the chance to get to know our picks more intimately and find out why we fell in love with them. You’ve heard about the artists that we’re most excited for