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SAAMSON Shares New Single ‘november’

LA-based artist saamson kicks off his new project with a melancholic indie-pop cut, november.

saamson 2021

Musing over the hardships that underpinned the past 12 months, Samson Cao, AKA saamson, emerges with a dreamy and honest new single, november. With a nostalgic tinge to the sound, the track glistens with wistful vocals gliding over subtle instrumentation and sparse electronics, creating a blissful indie-pop tune. Channelling his emotional vulnerability into his music, saamson offers a warm sonic embrace as we all prepare to tackle the new challenge that is 2021. The song arrives with a self-directed and produced music video.

Speaking on the new single, saamson explains:

I wrote this song during the time of thanksgiving. I was feeling melancholic and was playing the guitar when the riff just came to me. Then the melody and lyric for the line ‘summer’s all the way over’ came right after. Soon the song sort of came together on its own. I knew what the concept and theme was going to be right then. I went through a lot of soul searching and ruminating this past year. Many hardships from the years prior. So the lyrics were just waiting to write themselves. Like everybody else I’m still learning through this journey. And I want to show that it’s okay to be vulnerable in times like these.