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SPILL TAB Shares Video for New Single ‘PISTOLWHIP’

spill tab delves into the duality and complexity of relationships in her synth-pop marvel, PISTOLWHIP.

spill tab press shot 2021

LA-based, French-Korean artist spill tab, aka Claire Chicha, ventures into a world of sonic distortions in her newest single PISTOLWHIP. The track is a follow-up to her debut EP, Oatmilk, released last year.

Underneath the cacophony of piercing synths and shattering drums, spill tab lays bare her feelings as she explores emotional vulnerability and anger in a moment of true loss. A frenzied adventure, PISTOLWHIP shines with a Billie Eilish-esque chorus and punk-fuelled instrumentals, creating a sound in its own right. With an innovative approach and a touch of bite to her songwriting, we can’t wait to hear what spill tab offers up next.

Speaking on the new single, spill tab shares:

‘PISTOLWHIP’ is about going through something that really hurts, and the dichotomy of being angry but also being shot down and vulnerable. I wanted to imagine what it’d be like in the head of someone who’s just finding out they’re being cheated on. They’re vacillating between pure rage and just wanting to hold on ’cause they love that person so deeply, and then the underlying issues of that relationship sort of start to show in the second verse. It’s just a descent into madness I guess.

The accompanying video was directed by frequent collaborator Jade Sadler. Of the making, spill tab reflects:

It was SO fucking cold the day we shot ‘PISTOLWHIP’. It was like 22 degrees and I’m ripping around on a tiny dirt bike with only a scarf holding my titties together. Jade was such a trooper and was just getting it done and we had so many laughs. She also managed to make me look so badass on this little machine that was maxing out at like 20 mph. It was awesome.