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Daily Archives: March 4, 2021

noyou 2021

NOYOU Share Soaring New Single ‘Underneath The Pain’

Adventurous and hook-laden, Underneath The Pain is a retro-fuelled synth-pop fantasy.  Hailing from Sunderland, indie rock outfit noyou kick off 2021 with irresistible new offering, Underneath The Pain. Drenched in nostalgia, the track finds the band exploring feelings of uncertainty and self-doubt in relationships. Buzzing

Jessie Lee 2021

JESSIE LEE Shares New Single ‘Body Sings’

Body Sings is the electro-tinged indie-pop song from Jessie Lee. Canadian-based singer-songwriter Jessie Lee released her debut EP, First Love, in 2017, then seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth. Not so, as she kept busy writing and preparing to share her well-loved message

Haunter 2021

HAUNTER Release New Single ‘Illuminate’

Setting the world on fire, Illuminate is the new track from Haunter. Haunter are Lucy LeNoir (vocals), Enoma Asowata (guitar/synth), Mark Schroeder (bass), and Mike Ray (guitars/synths/vocals). They’re an alt-pop, pop-punk infused band who began making music as their completed and current lineup at the