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GRETA ISAAC Shares Empowering New Video for ‘How To Be A Woman’

Offering captivating new visuals to match an equally enthralling track, Greta Isaac delights with the official video for How To Be A Woman.

Greta Isaac 2021

Pop songstress Greta Isaac packs a punch with her hooking new video for How To Be A Woman, the lead single off her most recent EP Pessimist which was released on May 14th. Swooping in with powerful vocals, How To Be A Woman is not only a lesson in empowerment but also in crafting an unforgettable track, as Greta tears through outdated societal expectations and injects her own zest instead.

Explaining more about this, Greta shares:

‘How To Be A Woman’ is like a list of how I found myself navigating the world from a young age. It’s a bit tongue in cheek but really blunt. I’d like for people to see the humour in it even though it’s a pretty heavy topic. It takes the perspective of societal structures that often characterise women as one dimensional and refer to them as inanimate objects… There was a strange comfort for me knowing that this was my list and I just needed to stick to it. Though, the older I get the more I realise that that doesn’t need to be the case. The song is an ongoing conversation in my head: I don’t know what being a woman, being myself, looks like anymore but I do know that I’d never want to be someone who banishes myself from finding out.