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It’s time to shake your head down and let loose with LIPSTICK, the debut single from Penny Lame.

Penny Lame

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t be who you wanted as a kid? That if you acted exactly how you wanted, you wouldn’t fit in? It’s a feeling that’s haunted Penny Lame, whose real name is Gracen Hill, for a lot of her life. Whether it was growing up in Nashville, or moving into the music industry for the first time and being pushed towards writing music that didn’t feel authentic, she didn’t quite feel like she could display who she really was. Now, she’s ready to free herself from the shackles and craft what feels authentic to her.

Making her debut with LIPSTICK, it’s a blistering, in-your-face track that channels all of the adrenaline and raucousness of punk but delivers it in a way that feels less intense. Coming at you with searing hooks at every corner, it’s a track that sweeps you off your feet with its ferocious drive. The pure emotion of the track makes for an experience that allows you to scream, shake your head, and release all of your frustrations and tension.

Lyrically, the track is a call for pushing back against a partner’s abusive behaviour and cutting away from the toxicity. Penny Lame shares, “every time they hurt me, I would add another few lines and imagine I was screaming at them in the microphone.”