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FLOWER FACE Shares Wistful Track ‘Sugar Water’

With a rich bassline and divine vocals, this track is a poetically complex depiction of someone being abused by the person they are deeply infatuated with.

Flower Face 2022

Blossoming out of the digital age, Flower Face is the up-and-coming music project created by 23-year-old Ruby Mckinnon. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Ruby has been writing songs in her bedroom since she was a freshman in high school and she is classically trained in the piano. Ruby is also an ardent journal writer which aids her authentic approach to songwriting, since her lyricism jumps from the handwritten pages of her journal into her raw and introspective sound. Across all music platforms, Flower Face boasts an impeccable 7 million streams which is remarkable, especially considering Ruby achieved this without a label, manager or any industry guidance.

With lyrical themes of love, heartbreak, loss, and identity struggles, Flower Face’s sound delves into the disconcerting realities of what it is to be young in the world today. Her latest single Sugar Water is perhaps her most personal offering yet, as her angelic vocals tell a captivating story of a manipulative, toxic relationship.

Directed, produced and edited by Ruby herself, the visuals for Sugar Water are as captivating to watch as the song is to listen to. Channelling the aesthetics of a retro video game like Guitar Hero, the music video showcases Ruby effortlessly singing and playing multiple instruments; it is a light-hearted accompaniment to the profoundly emotive track.

During high school, Ruby was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and this period of her life was the ultimate catalyst in her pursuance of music. Flower Face is the very embodiment of growth and resilience despite the adversities she has faced.