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Daily Archives: January 24, 2022

Sarpa Salpa 2022

SARPA SALPA Release New Single ‘Somebody’

Bringing an irresistible energy, Sarpa Salpa tempt you to get your dancing shoes on with Somebody. UK-based quartet Sarpa Salpa kick off with their first track of 2022 with Somebody, a track that promises great things for the band in this coming year. Drawing inspiration

Arctic Lake

ARCTIC LAKE Stun With New Single ‘Breathe’

Bringing in hushed vocals and suspended electronics, Breathe is the tendering new single from Arctic Lake. Alternative pop duo Arctic Lake lay bare a startling honesty and vulnerability in their tendering new single Breathe. It’s a striking track that takes what the duo does best,

Rolo Tomassi 2022

ROLO TOMASSI Stir With New Track ‘Closer’

Gearing up to release their new album Where Myth Becomes Memory, Closer is the latest tease of what’s to come from Rolo Tomassi. UK quintet Rolo Tomassi have been carving their own sonic corner since they first started making music, and have never stopped developing