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RAYVENTURAS Unveil Luscious New Tune ‘Things’

With a soothing accompaniment and a luscious melody, Things is the charming new single from Rayventuras.

Berlin-based indie outfit Rayventuras return with their first single of 2022 with Things, a hazy and dream-inducing track. It sends you into a sphere of tranquility with its mellow accompaniment and soothing vocals, as airy guitars float through the speakers and melt into into your consciousness. Penned and recorded during the lockdown of last year, there’s a slight forlornness that carries through and adds onto the bruising texture, leaving you on a tone of reflection.

Kicking off with a mellifluous blend of a hushed bass line and pattering beats, an aura of mystery kicks off the track as vocalist Kika dwells between ‘the things that you do, the things you don’t’ before carrying the track forward with more of this earnest heartfeltness. Leaving a slight suspension before the chorus, it comes in subtly but this doesn’t lessen any impact it holds – if anything, the subtlety makes you more eager to sit on the edge of your seat to hear what’s coming next. With an indie sound that holds huge potential, Things is an indication of what’s to come from the band this year, and we wait for the next release with anticipation.