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Bring Me The Horizon and a Happy Song

This song is so me! It really is and I am aware the different sound which has been following the band since dropping the single Drown last year will slightly divide the fanbase. I have a feeling it has already begun. But no worries! It’ll be all just fine. I remember that after hearing Drown I knew they were evolving and turning towards fascinating and striking direction. Less heavy metalcore riffs and less screaming, I suppose, but what a melody!

Happy Song then. Well, maybe not that happy but definitely huge. I ran across this quote Happiness doesn’t sell that well…pain’s better to listen to and I couldn’t agree more!

With the beginning of this month Bring Me The Horizon started sharing various images across their social media channels what obviously captured everyone’s attention. And all because of that one single white umbrella on the black background. Of course, that made people think whether to expect any new music rather soon.

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In December 2014 BMTH played a massive show at Wembley which only enhanced their position as a great heavy rock, not just British but world band. And talking to Gigwise, frontman Oli Sykes said the new album would have them pushing themselves further, writing different songs to those of ten years ago. Adding We want to be a gateway band for people. We think that’s cool if you can get other into this kind of music. That’s awesome.

The track premiered on July 12 on BBC Radio 1‘s Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter (while Oli was getting married!) and will appear on the BMTH forthcoming fifth album which, yet to be titled, is to be released later this year. The band emphasized that it will be a bit more edgy and a bit more disoriented.

Plus, I couldn’t resist but to add my favourite part of the lyrics

we are possessed
we’re all fucked in the head
alone & depressed
but if we sing along
a little fucking louder
to a happy song
maybe we’ll forget cos’
every now and again we get that feeling
and the great big void inside us opens up