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House of Vans with Sunset Sons and Gengahr

Interesting fact. What you probably should know about me is that I am very fortunate when it comes to winning concert tickets. I’ve never won anything else in my entire life. Ever. Very convenient isn’t it? Well, I’m not complaining. Definitely not. My mum always tell me to play the lottery though. Oh I’ve tried, believe me. I’ve tried so many times. And let me tell you, I’m not getting rich anytime soon. But my gig life is rather delightful. This is what happened last Thursday.

I was just at work scrolling down my Twitter timeline when I noticed House of Vans in London was having a first birthday party. They built this awesome space around skateboarding park where you can head and get some food and some drinks, and of course see some bands! And on this occasion they invited many great ones like Puma Rosa, Gengahr and Sunset Sons. Some of them I’d seen performing live before.. but you know, I’m always very keen on seeing all my favourite guys once more! And again. And again. And one more time, perhaps. So obviously, I went Hey! I need to get in there somehow! Considering the fact it was free, the event got sold out very quickly. But after few difficulties I managed to grab some tickets! I wonder, every time I wonder you know, how these things even happen. Well, let’s just enjoy it, shall we?


Oh but before we go any further look who I met! That was so surreal, particularly ’cause on the same day I wrote this piece about ZIBRA and then just bumped into them! One of my fav at the moment! Check their stuff – it’s so good [go and watch the new video!]

As for the show, I’m gonna focus on two really great bands I went there to see!


Gengahr (named after their favourite pokemon! How cool is that?) are one of those bands you simply need in your life. Some psychedelic melodies that will sooth and comfort you when the noise in your head is getting too big. I happen to play some of their songs to get back these peaceful thoughts into my mind. I came across many reviews stating (besides the obvious beautiful sound) that their music is unsettling. But I can’t see it. And of course, I can’t hear it. Totally disagree. You need some dark lyrics and some drama in your life from time to time. Embrace it. It’s still beautiful. I could be that witch that cries all the time. I wouldn’t mind.

With Felix Bushe’s gentle falsetto accompanied by John Victor’s soft guitar parts the group creates impeccable harmonies bringing all that psychopop to life. Add Hugh Schulte’s (bass) and Danny Ward’s (drums) rhythmic side and you get a very unique and refreshing sound.


I’d seen them live before so I knew they were pretty good on stage but watching the performance while actually in the first row was totally different experience! You know that feeling when you like one band but after the show you’re certain you’re gonna love them for a very long time? Yes, this one. That is definitely happening.

The London four-piece released their debut album A Dream Outside on June 15. The guys are heading on the headline tour this autumn across UK so make sure you go and say Hi!

If Gengahr is your thing then come back later this week because I’ll have more on the band! They’ve teamed up with Alt-J, Slaves and Bombay Bicycle Club in a beautiful art collaboration. Pretty cool stuff!

Now I give you the love song Heroine (one of my personal favourites) so you can easily fall in love with this band.


Sunset Sons and the summer never ends! Can we just surf the entire days and listen to the great music?

This UK-Aussie rock surfers met in a pub in France and after a few pints decided on starting out the band. I love those kind of stories! Let’s have some drinks and then do something exciting with our future! Well done guys. Beginning as a covers band they’ve already played sold out headline tours with only a couple of released EPs. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

And again, I’d seen them earlier this year so I knew they were outstanding on stage! But since then they’ve built even bigger fan base than I expected. The crowd loves them! And how can you not? All that energy and chilled vibes brought by Rory Williams (vocals, keys) and his brilliant growl, Rob Windram (guitar), Australian bassist Pete Harper and Jed Laidlaw (drums) will definitely put you in a summery mood. I just feel like dancing at the beach all the time while sipping Piña colada.



Sunset Sons are going on the road across UK and Europe with Imagine Dragons this autumn. But before that kicks off they plan on finishing the album by the end of September and actually do some re-recording of the previous material. Talking to BBC Newsbeat, Rory said

We did some recording in Nashville, which was amazing. But then we got the tracks back and some of them, you know, they could be better. We’re just very honest with ourselves, so we’re going to start re-recording certain things.

Of course we’ll get some of their new stuff as well. Jed added we’ll chuck the new material into a little pot, mix them all together and choose the best ones.

Influenced by many different bands and genres the group agrees on that their music should be melodic, emotive and exciting.

I might actually consider learning how to surf now.

Watch Sunset Sons‘ the latest music video for the track She Wants.

And I guess my favourite.

Thanks House of Vans! I had a blast! See you next year, shall we?