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Gengahr & Friends present ‘A Collection Of Artworks’

Sometimes I envy people with many talents. Particularly, when they possess those I desire the most. And that’s either being a musical genius or a painter. However, I genuinely believe I might have some hidden ones. But for now, I encounter a few problems when drawing a proper circle, not to mention a tree or a house, or oh dear, definitely not an example in human shape. Oh and I’m rubbish at singing. How do I know? Because I’ve tried. Oh yes.. hopelessly, persistently and unsuccessfully. Plus people have told me. But I’ve tried. That counts right? I could still be playing some instruments though. So not all is lost.

Anyway, I love it. The music and the art. Especially when they cross their paths and collaborate. The world would be a very sad place without them.

Last week I went to see the exhibition Gengahr & Friends present ‘A Collection Of Artworks’ which took place at Hackney’s A-Side B-Side Gallery in London. Moreover, I got even a chance to see it on the opening night!


The event, hosted by Gengahr, was so beautiful! Showcasing artwork from the band’s Hugh Schulte (bass) featuring works from Thom Green (Alt-J), Ed Nash (Bombay Bicycle Club) and Laurie Vincent (Slaves). So many brilliant bands in one room? Well, there was no chance for me to skip that, wasn’t there! Of course not.

Hugh made a few comments about the project:

Ed and I went to college together so it’s something we have been thinking about doing for a while. I’m also a massive fan of Thom and Laurie’s art and  felt it was too much of a lovely coincidence that I have gotten to know all these guys who paint alongside their musical careers. I feel their work is under acknowledged and after a few late night conversations we all agreed it’d be a really nice thing to do. I’m looking forward to their artwork being centre stage for a week.




Bathed In Light

DSC_0333She’s a Witch (right)

DSC_0336A Dream Outside

Slaves! Everyone loves this band. I hope so.. If you don’t, then I don’t understand. Though I must admit..they might seem a bit too scary to approach. I bet they’re lovely guys! But even after a couple of drinks I didn’t have enough courage to come up to them. Definitely going to do so the next time! If, somehow, you are not familiar with their work check their latest video here.

As for the artwork, I loved it! I thought it was marvellous. So me! Laurie (who is also a tattooist!)  said:

Painting and music are two things that I’m really passionate about, music just worked out first.

DSC_0326Cacti Club


Say Something Please

And even though I love everything Gengahr represent and I probably spent too much time just staring at Hugh’s paintings, I was really impressed by Ed’s work. All the feelings in those eyes.. That just affects you, I suppose.





I had a great time. So many interesting people who were passionate about the same stuff. Musicians and art lovers. It is always refreshing. I really look forward to going to more events of this kind.

Oh and I should perhaps add this was on the day after I saw Genaghr performing live [read more here]! God, how could I not love this city?