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SPLASHH’s Spinning Rings

You might want to hold onto something before watching this.

Aussie Londoners continue the wave of changes as they share black and white visuals to accompany the song Rings, the first single from their sophomore album Waiting A Lifetime, due early next year.

Directed by the band’s long time friend Errol Rainey, the video perfectly captures the heavy shoegazing dizziness of the song as we’re being dragged into the swirl of images and emotions.

The band says of the clip:

The idea was initially inspired by the opening scene from one of our favorite films ‘Candy’ (2006). We always like incorporating mixed mediums in our videos, the use of different cameras and speeds. This time around one simple performance & concept that we felt best represented the track.

Splashh have emerged as a confident group from Brooklyn’s Rare Book Room Studio ready to showcase their new material. Just as they explain:

We feel ‘Rings‘ is the first step in showing everyone what’s to come. The song is a battle between making the right and wrong decisions. It sounds and feels chaotic like life does sometimes and coming to terms with growing older. It’s fast and in your face. Loud but also pretty. The whole record has a lot to offer. If people like ‘Rings‘ then I think they will love the record…or not!

New album Waiting A Lifetime, a follow-up to their 2013’s debut record Comfort, is to be released early 2017 via Cinematic Records.

The band has also announced April tour dates!