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BEACH FOSSILS Share New Cut ‘Silver Tongue’

Gearing up for new album, Somersault, Beach Fossils release non-album track, Silver Tongue for Our First 100 Days.

Secretly Group’s Our First 100 Days marks President Trumps 100 first days in office by releasing 100 previously unreleased tunes aimed to raise funds and awareness for organisations supporting causes that are under threat by the proposed policies of a Trump administration.

Beach Fossils Silver Tongue is a hazy guitar tune, right in line with the group’s usual haze. Through hopeful guitar and a stern beat, Beach Fossils evoke a springy vibe. In the light of the band’s previous political engagement, the political undertone and cause for Silver Tongue doesn’t exactly come as a surprise, but it is an important reminder of the times we live in.

Sold as subscriptions for a minimum of $30, fans will receive a song a day across the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency. Beach FossilsSilver Tongue is number 95 of the bunch, and all profits from the releases will go to organisations that stand in opposition to a Trump presidency; All Above All, Cosecha, Hoosier Action, People’s Climate Movement, and Southerners On New Ground.

Beach Fossils new album, Somersault, is due to be released June 2nd On Bayonet Records.

Listen to Silver Tongue here.