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Live // SUPERFOOD, The Garage, London

In the light of their recent sophomore, Bambino, Superfood have finally gotten the attention they deserve. As they headline The Garage it’s a true statement to their growth as a live band since returning earlier this year.

As the band enters the stage to the tinkling sound of their intro, there is a new spark to spot. Jumping straight into Bambino banger Where’s The Bass Amp, the groove immediately settles, and there is little to spot of their previous nerves. With a wide range of funky samples, some candid falsetto and a little bit of bounce, Superfood are better equipped than ever to make a live experience special.

With cheeky winks to their early material such as Bubbles the band showcases how far they’ve come. Their recent incarnation seems to have not only shifted the direction, but also the drive of the band, adding a creative spark to the mix of talent that was always there.

Where they before felt jittery and nervous, there’s now a ballsy confidence. Ryan Malcom guides you through the shifting soundscape with old school guitar hooks balanced with innovative twists.

There is a coherence in their set, despite the influx of incredibly varied influences. Superfood have managed to recreate their character without letting the best of their original work slip.

“I just want to thank you so much for being here. This is so mental, it means a lot” frontman, Dominic Ganderton states, before propelling the set forward. His tangible energy and vocal prowess are head-beacons of the melody, foreshadowing each twists.

Still, at some chords they slip. They let the groove over-ride them and we lose the focus of the melodic core. To be carried away in the moment might be excusable, but are we allowing them the luxury still?

Though at their best, Superfood really deliver all you want, and more so – they make you want what they are giving. Hitting both the most sincere lows and monstrous highs, Superfood melt the glittering sonics of Double Dutch together with the infectious sass from Natural Supersoul seemingly effortlessly.

“Has anyone been on a bus before? This is the perfect song for that, it’s called Unstoppable,” Ganderton states, drawing lines to the video for the tune. The chill tune saturates the frisky October even with some imaginative sunlight.

Though we adore the Latino allusions and new-found glory, we’ll always, in the end, come back to their eternal theme-song, with the whole room crooning Superfood!

“Thank you all so fucking much.”

Photos: Aurora Henni Krogh