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WATERPARKS Announce New Album ‘Entertainment’

The Houston pop-punk outfit Waterparks drop brand new tune, Blonde, off of their forthcoming sophomore record Entertainment, out early next year.

I’m still not over their debut full-length, Double Dare, and yet Waterparks have announced details of the follow-up titled Entertainment. Set to arrive on January 26th, we get a first taste of great things to come in the form of an exquisite new tune, Blonde.

Packed with references to their previous material, including various hair colours, Blonde is a truly punchy and emotional track. Rolling on their signature racing rhythmics the song strikes with Awsten Knight’s vocal play, going from poppy sweet melodies to really punchy moments, which alongside their clever lyricism build up a colossal soundscape. I certainly can’t wait to hear more. Check it out below as Waterparks are about to surprise us once more.