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Boston Manor 2020

Interview // BOSTON MANOR

“Be kinder to yourself and to others. Talk to people more and help each other because we will benefit together”, Boston Manor talk to us about living in lockdown, and how it’s time for us to stop being complacent with the state of the world.

Wargirl 2020

Interview // WARGIRL

“We want to face truth, and we want music to heal us and other people”, Wargirl discuss the process of working on their second album, Dancing Gold. Have we ever introduced you to the Southern Californian ‘World Garage Rock Disco’ six-piece going under the name

Dream State - GIG GOER interview 2019

Interview // DREAM STATE

“If you are feeling like today is the last day and you want to give up, I guarantee you there’s more light coming for you”, Dream State delve into the making of their debut album, Primrose Path, and the important topic of mental health. On

Grayscale - London - GIG GOER - 2019

Interview // GRAYSCALE

“For us it felt very natural to write music that we loved.” Reflecting on their journey as a band, Philadelphia’s Grayscale share the stories that inspired their new album Nella Vita. ‘Painkiller Weather’ is playing in my headphones as I arrive in Camden Town on

ROAM - GIG GOER Interview 2019

Interview // ROAM

“Angry grunge pop for people who need a kick up the arse”, the newest album from ROAM, Smile Wide, finds the band with a renewed sense of confidence. Is there any feeling more empowering than listening to music that’s all about taking back control? Nothing


Interview // BEING AS AN OCEAN

With pounding choruses and a gripping narrative, Being As An Ocean’s most recent album PROXY: An A.N.I.M.O. Story has shown the band to be completely in their own league. No detail has been lapsed in this body of work; from the thought-provoking themes to cathartic

The Faim - GIG GOER

Interview // THE FAIM

“Don’t expect us to stay the same. Expect the unexpected”, Aussie rockers The Faim explore a whole new state of mind with their debut album. It is a cold summer day when I find myself wandering around the empty streets of Norwich. With not a