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EP Review // ADAM FRENCH ‘Weightless’

Through his Weightless EP Adam French bares a new chapter of his intimate songwriting.

Entering the evoking soundscape on title track Weightless, Adam French already discloses a searing melancholy. The simplistic lingering makes distance and room for his lyricism to play out in full motion.

My Addiction seems like a natural progression from the opener. The grittier melody has a texture to it, playing out on the basis of a soaring piano track, mounting into far more mysterious grounds. The ethereal nature of violin adds another layer to the heartfelt tune. Sonically, this track balances the duality of French’s simplistic manners and his aimless devotion to emotional expression. The result is a richer musical landscape than what appears on surface level, giving depth whilst enhancing the lightness of French vision.

As a songwriter Adam French does follow the route of so many hopeless romantics before him. Laying out anecdotes and cliché’s he still captures a heartfelt glimpse of meaning. Writing anything original on heartache and the turmoil that love is is nearly impossible, and still, the earnest in French’s vocals is a more than forgiving tint.

Though luscious, The Rat feels just a bit too comfort. Ridden of melodic and lyrical innovation and surprise of any sort, the song may be sound, but it’s not quite enough to capture something more than that. French still has a sense of momentum, yet the motion that his other tunes possess fades off here, ridding the song of the edge French meticulously craft.

Rounding off with Skin Deep there’s a lighter texture to the song. Like a moment of reflection, French draws on nostalgia to mount through his sound. Though subtle at first, the song breaks on to a full-fledged picture.

Adam French’s Weightless is a grower. Not mind-blowing in any way, French sticks safely within the framework of the singer-songwriter tradition. His less is more approach does get challenged, and these moments are perhaps the most outstanding over all. The EP does give some pin pointing in terms of stylistic manners and French seems to have refined his sound gradually. The emotive aspect definitely rises the stakes for the EP, but this is also the only chance the singer really takes.