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THE RUBENS Announce New Album ‘LO LA RU’

The Rubens are cementing their very much established stance with their latest track, Never Ever.

Coming from their forthcoming third album LO LA RUset to be released on the 29th of June, Never Ever has the guys collaborating with songstress Sarah Aarons.

As vocals bounce back and forth, we experience a conversation between two lovers. Both vocal tones are utterly smooth and capture the heart breaking tale that transpires on the track effortlessly. Not lingering in this deleterious instant, the song ends so succinctly and rightly so.

Never Ever shows another side to The Rubens‘ artistic journey which builds the anticipation of the next album even higher.

The band explains:

The song became about these two lovers caught in the moment as their relationship drops away. There’s to-ing and fro-ing as they pass blame and second guess their actions before they realise that what they had is already over.