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OKAY CHAMP Release Debut Single ‘The Party’s Over (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road)’

The Party’s Over (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road) is the debut from Newcastle’s own Okay Champ.

Broody guitars, deep drums and angsty empirical lyrics is what you can expect from the five piece. Harnessing everything post-punk has to offer, Okay Champ keep it relevant while resonating with their flourishing fan base. On vocals we have John Edgar, guitars David Turnbull, Mark Brown on bass, James King on drums and Stuart Walkinshaw leading electronics/synths.

John says of the track:

‘The Party’s Over (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road)’ is basically a giant strop about mortality, and Brexit. I’d prolapsed a disc in my back and we’d seemingly regressed seventy years over night. It just poured out. I think it was written in about ten minutes. Then Dave wrote that solo!