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THYLA Unveil New Track ‘Blame’

Yes. Brighton’s Thyla have done it again with their latest offering Blame.

This track is amplified with soaring bass lines that are hard to ignore and guitars that launch like none other. Frontwoman Millie Duthie’s vocals are on point harnessing ample energy. Blame defiantly kicks ass but also has a charming catchiness to it making it all perfectly work.

2018 has been a game changer for Thyla as they have shared the stage with the likes of Sunflower Bean, INHEAVEN and Fickle Friends, and continue to get slots at the summer’s most notorious festivals.

Thyla explain:

‘Blame’ is about the uncharacteristic choices people make when they’re trying to be like someone else, for the sake of someone else, at a cost to themselves. It’s a neurotic frenzy of guitars with self conscious lyrics about the state of paralysis jealously puts you in; blind anger with no real solution.