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HOMESAFE Release New Track ‘Stay Away’

Taken from their highly anticipated debut album, ONE, Homesafe unveil new single Stay Away.

Hailing from the suburbs of Chicago, rock band Homesafe have teased listeners with a taste of what their debut album will be like with their latest single, Stay Away.

Vocalist Ryan Rumchaks says:

‘Stay Away’ was one of my favorite songs to record for One. It’s a song that sparked from an on-the-spot idea in the live room at ABG. It’s definitely one of our most different-sounding songs yet. It has a broken-down, unplugged feel.

And he could not have phrased it any better. The song has a melancholic air about it, created by the gentle murmur of the acoustic guitar. The simplistic drum patterns provide an effective backing to the spine-tingling vocal harmonies in the chorus. The bridge is guaranteed to make you weep, with its profoundly sad lyrics such as “Wait / Don’t turn away / Why can’t you stay? / Stay” and as we slowly build up from a haunting, isolated voice and acoustic guitar to a texture of intricately woven harmonies and instrumentals, you’ll fall in love with this band all at once.

ONE is due out on June 29th via Pure Noise Records.