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DEAD NAKED HIPPIES Unveil New Single ‘Guillotine’

Leeds post-punk trio Dead Naked Hippies have a ripper of a track for you titled Guillotine.

Dead Naked Hippies return with their first track of 2018, Guillotine.

Soothing verse bursts into a belting chorus full of layered vocals from frontwoman Lucy Jowett and ballistic guitars from Joe Clarke. Jacob Marston keeps the pace quick on the drums that bring all the drama of the track to a head. Guillotine is raw lyrically, it gradually opens up conveying a personal message. The whole combination is captivating and has me wanting more.

Vocalist Lucy Jowett explains:

‘Guillotine’ is an exploration of grief. It’s the fine line between wanting to retaliate to someone who has caused you hurt, versus choosing to cut out the dead weight they have created in your life.