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Album Review // BETWEEN YOU & ME ‘Everything Is Temporary’

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, pop-punkers Between You & Me make waves with their debut album, Everything Is Temporary.


Pop punk outfit Between You & Me bring the heat from down under with their debut album Everything Is Temporary.

It’s ten emotionally charged tracks delivered with a pop-punk gusto; everything seems fine on the surface but upon closer listening, the hard hitting lyricism is sure to resonate and leave a sting with its honesty.

Opening with Twice Shy, a cymbal roll paves way to an impressive and catchy guitar riff, perfect for air guitar jams. The genre’s gutsy spirit oozes out of the track through a mix of spirited drumming, addictive guitar lines and captivating vocals. It’s unapologetically raucous, with lyrics such as “Stay away from me, honestly / You’re nothing but a memory” and this track is anything but shy of sharing its feelings.

The lead single from the album, Dakota, is another pop-punk banger that is sure to get your heart pumping. It shares the same honesty displayed in Twice Shy, and between leaping guitars and animated drumming, the lyrics will hit close to home for anyone who has suffered from a bad relationship. A massive chorus will have you singing along to “Hey Dakota, you can piss right off!”, and there’s something strangely cathartic about screaming out these ballsy lyrics. As Jake Wilson shows off his higher range with vocals that soar over the bridge, the layered instrumentals create a wall of sound that envelopes around the listener.

A strong sense of nostalgia is evoked in Friends From ’96, with its sentimental lyricism which is sure to leave an aching in your heart. Beginning with only vocals and acoustic guitar, the stripped back texture allows listeners to fully experience the emotions throbbing underneath the track. The band replaces the acoustic guitar from the second verse, but maintains the profoundly sad quality of the track. A hard-hitting chorus will leave listeners reeling with its desperately questioning lyrics such as “Is there anyone out there that still gives a damn?”, and as it hits the climax, all of the passion is let out with lyrics such as “Surely you miss me? / At least just pretend”. Ending with a mournful “I just miss my friends from ’96”, the closing acoustic guitar provides a contrast to the heartfelt instrumentals found in the stirring chorus.

Floral Glass will similarly tug at your heartstrings, with its attentive lyrics that vividly paint the scene for listeners, allowing you to imagine the landscape for yourself. Vocal harmonies in the chorus will pierce through you, whilst the haunting lyrics “She may be gone but her ghost remains” will leave chills in its wakes and tears in your eyes.

Finishing with Everything Is Temporary, syncopated rhythms are similarly matched by groovy bass lines as the listener slowly sways along to it. “Our time is closing in / So make the best of it” brings an optimistic tone, and it is in this way that the album is finished.

Between You & Me manage to take listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions, from the lows to the highs, and there is no doubt you will find a song on this album for whatever situation you are facing.