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ODINA Shares Inspirational New Offering ‘I’ll Carry You’

Odina’s tender voice will carry you through the strains of daily life in her latest uplifting single, I’ll Carry You.

Odina originally started out as an intimate bedroom project, following her move from Barcelona to London, and the simplicity has proved to be one of her greatest strengths, as she draws on experiences of daily life to produce music in the most honest and heartfelt way. This is no more obvious than in her latest single, I’ll Carry You, which sees the Spanish songstress dazzling listeners with her voice and minimal instrumental backing. The atmospheric electronics and melancholic acoustic guitar allows space for Odina’s voice to really come through and stun listeners with its distinctive quality.

Speaking about the song, Odina says:

This song is about those shit days we all have at some point and how there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. I wrote it to myself in this kind of empowering process, to remind myself in those very dark moments that not everything is as bad as it seems.

Listening to the chorus, you certainly feel a glimmer of hope peeking through as the lyrics “I’ll carry you on on my shoulders / I’ll carry you away” fill your ears. And you will be reminded that there is good in life, and that the storm will pass over.