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BOY BJORN Unveils Philosophical Single ‘Alone At The Severance’

Boy Bjorn dazzles with his second single, Alone At The Severance, released via Communion Records. 

Born out of a desire to capture moments lost, nostalgia rings out clearly in the second single released by Boy Bjorn (aka Brian Holl), Alone At The Severance.

An inquisitive voice tackles philosophical themes, layered on top of a vast, sprawling soundscape. Cavernous electronics fill out the space, creating an aura of serenity, and setting the perfect backdrop for deep pondering. Poignant lyricism float on top, and lyrics such as “The feeling we have is the feeling we’re given” will make you question the authenticity of your experiences.

It’s an immersive listening experience; the multi-layered instrumentals and electronics create a safe haven for listeners to drift away for a while. There’s something about the profound themes tackled combined with the tranquil quality of the track that will make you want to weep. Yet belying the sense of scale and immensity in the tune, the entire track was recorded using just a single microphone.

Boy Bjorn explains the inspiration behind the track, saying:

‘Alone At The Severance’ was born from conversations about society and existentialism. The mid-20s pursuit of truth. All the long, inebriated talks I’ve had with friends that get compressed to a silent agreement that “we’re believing a lie, but it’s alright.” I think sometimes we’re all just trying to find our own way of saying that. But I wanted to set that thought against a light, ethereal backdrop to shed some of its weight. The more important part of this story is that “it’s alright”.

Despite the burden of the lyrics lying upon the listener, Boy Bjorn manages to capture this weight in such a way that it does not feel so raw and painful. The way he lightens the strains of daily life yet tackles the issues head on is simply magical. Upon initial listening, it’s an ambient track that washes over you, but a closer listening will uncover the deep themes underlying the song. It is well worth putting the track on repeat as we wait for more material.