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WATERPARKS Release New Video for ‘We Need To Talk’

The Houston trio have crafted a gripping story for their latest music video, We Need To Talk.

Zombies don’t tend to be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Waterparks, yet their latest music video might be here to change that.

Expanding on the kaleidoscopic visuals displayed in their previous videos, hues of purple and yellow tell a captivating tale of love and heartbreak. The video revels in the same aesthetic that characterised previous clip Not Warriors/Crybaby, as the same jerky pattern dominates movement and the same colour scheme emerges.

Whilst we already know that love can drive us to do irrational things, the band takes that assumption to the next level in the video. From jumping out of a window mid-argument, to satanic rituals for summoning the dead, the band shows that love really transcends all boundaries. Frontman Awsten Knight becomes a zombie, coming back to haunt his lover temporarily before wandering loose on the streets.

Known for their cryptic metaphorical references, this video is short of none. Fans with a keen eye will notice a surprise at the end of the video, which will expand on the story told in their previous video for Not Warriors/Crybaby as the opening scene is duplicated. Packed with visual representations of lyrics and nods to their back catalogue, it’s a cinematic masterpiece that needs to be rewatched a few times before you can glimpse through all of the detail. We’ll let you theorise on what the metaphors represent.

Waterparks are currently on the last ever Vans Warped Tour in the US, before heading to England in August for main stage appearances at Reading and Leeds.