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Album Review // LYDIA ‘Liquor’

On their new album, Liquor, Arizona trio Lydia muster up ten tracks laced with bliss, angst, optimism and despair.

Since their 2015 release Run Wild, Lydia have been enduring the highs and lows of the creative process. And with six previous LPs in tow, it doesn’t look like they are slowing down any time soon.

Starting things with the track Sunlight, full of tongue-tied quick wit, it is something these guys have on point throughout the album. Their indefinable sound always keeps you guessing.

Experimenting with a cross section of sounds, one thing that brings it together is their strong sense of integrity in their lyrics. And underneath all that lush and expansive sound you can find it. Harbouring youthful ideologies and experiences make it relatable and something to sing along to like Friends, Red Lights and Gypsy, sparking nostalgia in everyone. Igniting a sense of euphoria as they build and soar is a recipe that the band have mastered.

Offering a copious amount of organic and textured sounds, making a point of interest throughout the LP like at the opening moments of Lie To Me. And yet they show their contrasting abilities in the following track. As we enter the guts of the album with Let It Cover Me Up, something a little darker sits effortlessly in the progression of this collection yet makes its mark rightly. Slowing in pace yet racing up create suspense.

Lydia sure know how to charm us in a magnitude of ways. They do this with silky moments like Way You Want It and then with broody track Goodside. These two tracks sit perfectly next to each other as they show the band’s capabilities emotionally and artistically. Before we know it, things are winding down and coming to an end. The two closing tracks Tourist and Way Out marking the occasion by keeping hearts racing with quick drum beats and encouraging lyrics. Who doesn’t need a bit of that in their life?

Antelman said: “Just how the songs morphed into different versions of themselves was pretty cool. The way a lot of the tracks on the record started out, you wouldn’t recognize them now. That’s because we had a bunch of time. We’re kind of tinkerers, so we like to mess with things a bit, regardless. At some point someone has to say, ‘OK, it’s time to stop tinkering with it, let’s put it down.’ But when we did that, they were always different, and usually better, than what we started with.”