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EP Review // COUNTERPARTS ‘Private Room’

The three track EP is dedicated to the fans who have supported the band no matter their antics.

Counterparts Private Room EP

Canadian metal/hardcore band Counterparts acknowledge and thank their listeners in their newest EP Private Room. Although only three tracks long, the music makes up for the brevity as profound lyricism and earth shattering instrumentals ensure they leave an impact.

Opening Monument is an introduction that will knock you right off your feet. Hammering drums and titanic chords create a crushing texture that will smash into you and rattle you to your bones. Harsh vocals are merciless in their approach, slamming you into brute force, and you’ll feel every word being screamed with a startling honesty. The dissonant chords grip you and leave you no space to wriggle free, and you’ll be left breathless from the intensity.

Selfishly I Sink glimpses at a different point in the band’s back catalogue, as it proves itself to be an entirely separate beast. More melodic than Monument, it certainly isn’t any less impactful as it creates a whole new type of ferocity. You’re barely given a moment to collect yourself before the blast beats and screams rip through the speakers. Tempo changes flow naturally into each other, and it very much gives the track a living, breathing quality.

Finishing with We Forgive, you’ll be mistaken if you think you can be forgiven from the relentless power of the previous two tracks. Passionate screaming will resound through you, and it’s arguably the most melodic track on the EP with its guitar countermelodies. In contrast to the dissonant guitar work displayed on other tracks, there’s a clarity and lightness brought in by the nimble playing in this track.

We’re glad that Counterparts brought out these tracks, as they are all forces of nature in their own respect and definitely deserve to see the light of day.