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EP Review // JUICEBOXXX ‘Never Surrender Forever’

Five profound tracks that will keep you on your toes.

Juiceboxxx EP 2018

Titled Never Surrender Forever, Juiceboxxx‘s new EP harbours a handsome amount of energy and attitude. What to expect you asked? Well, that’s the thing. His genreless sound always keeps you guessing. This collection of tracks is the perfect example of that.

Opening the proceedings with Ripping Up My Soul, he doesn’t hold back injecting electrifying moments of chaos to make sure you are paying attention. Guitars are defiantly the feature of this, including some face melting bits added to the mix. And this sentiment continues to flourish into Open Up Your Life, with the amounting drums and crisp guitars blending brilliantly.

Enter, Expressway To The Darkness. With an essence of punk sensibilities you can’t help but be caught up in the fierceness and boisterous energy of the track. The title track Never Surrender Forever takes us down a completely different tangent, with the addition of optimistic keys to lead us in, it’s a truly refreshing moment. Showing range and creative exploration but still making the EP sound cohesive.

Just when you thought things were going to wind down, we launch into the final track, I Wanna Die In A Dunkin. Juiceboxxx takes a step away from the more approachable songs and just unleashes a manic amount of noise right at you. And I’m okay with that. Why walk out gracefully through the lobby when you can smash the windows and jump off the top floor?

Overall what Juiceboxxx has done here is nothing but thrilling. It’s relentless and generous with its capabilities. It feels off the cuff yet at moments conscious. It’s a hard thing to balance but done effortlessly here.