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BEARINGS Release New Single ‘Where You Are’

Canadian rockers Bearings release their heart-pounding new track Where You Are.

Following the release of their previous single AforementionedBearings return with more material from their upcoming debut album in the form of Where You Are.

Their debut album, titled Blue In The Dark, is set to be released on October 12th via Pure Noise Records. Vocalist Doug Cousins says:

We went in with the plan of writing a dynamic record and I think we did that. I’ve always loved bands like Jimmy Eat World for not being afraid to try and write a record without boundaries musically. Myself and the guys wanted to replicate that attitude and approach to the writing of the record.

This musical freedom can be heard in Where You Are, which breaks away from what we may have come to expect whilst maintaining the band’s signature sound. Full of catchy vocal hooks, the contrasting dynamic of the mellow verses and the fiery chorus makes for a track that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Doug says of the new single:

Where You Are is so unpredictable – the song in a way wrote itself, structurally it’s unconventional but natural. It’s full of energy and a lot of fun to play live. I also think it’s a testament to how dynamic this record is.