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SAN MEI Unveils New Single ‘Heaven’

Australia’s San Mei releases the title track from her forthcoming EP, Heaven.

san mei 2018

Following on from the release of WonderSan Mei is back with Heaven, the second track to be lifted from her upcoming Heaven EP, set to be released on November 2nd.

It’s a charming slice of dream pop, with lush cascading vocals contrasting with impassioned, gritty guitars. What results is an explosive soundscape which will capture your attention and a massive chorus that demands you to listen. As synths float over thrumming guitars, it creates a vibrant energy that will leave you feeling high. The poignant lyricism will tug your heartstrings whilst the flourishing soundscape will send a warmth through your body.

San Mei explains:

This song is about when love is blind and it feels like heaven, but if you step back you can see things for what they really are. It’s about waking up to reality and letting go of something that’s going to end up causing harm, even if at first it felt like a dream.