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MAKEOUT Debut New Music Video for ‘Blast Off’

The latest video from Makeout for Blast Off follows their journey across the final Vans Warped Tour.


Makeout have released the video for their latest catchy single, Blast Off, taken from their debut album The Good Life.

The energetic visuals complement the lively nature of the track, and if the track in itself isn’t enough to make you jump, the video will ensure that that happens. With footage for the video compiled during the band’s run this past summer on the final cross-country Vans Warped Tour, it’s a look into the dynamic live sets of the band, and you can’t help but be charmed by the more candid moments as well.

Speaking on the track, frontman Sam Boxold says:

Blast Off is a song about letting go of the pressure people put on you when you’re having success, or lack thereof. It’s about where you’re heading and not where you’ve been. I always say, “Do your best, and if it’s good enough for you, that’s all that matters.” Without Blast Off, The Good Life just wouldn’t have felt complete. It’s kind of crazy cause when I was initially writing that song, I was thinking about all of the people that told me I needed to go the 9-5 route to have a happy and fulfilled life. There I was sitting in a studio in LA working with the likes of Travis Barker, John Feldmann, Lil Aaron, and Ashton and Calum of 5SOS and getting to live out my dreams. I always wanted to do exactly what I’m doing right now and none of it would have been possible if I didn’t believe in myself and ignore the doubters. I think it’s important to remind people of that, especially in such a social media based world.